As a book publishing company, Mizan Group, since the last decade, has redefined itself as a content company. In line with the profound changing in the business environment and to prepare for the future, Mizan Group will involve not only in the field of book publishing, but more than that in the development, packaging and distribution of content in a broad sense, using the state of the art technologies. We believe Mizan Group will be able to answer the challenges of the future, with its four crucial mutually supportive “assets” that have been accumulated since its inception in 1983.

Mizan Group has content library of 14 thousand volumes, most of which are ready for content repurposing to various formats and platforms, which could then be marketed not only in Indonesia but also to the international market.

With more than three decades of experiences, Mizan Group understands the content industry in Indonesia very well. It has also developed e‑ective and nationwide distribution networks for all its content. This allows Mizan Group to anticipate the business environment changes and to predict the market trends as well—thereby increasing the opportunities for success.

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